Introduction to fundraising | About ESN VSE Prague | What do we offer | What do we expect

Introduction to fundraising

We would like to thank you for your interest in fundraising of ESN VSE Prague. You can find here basic information about fundraising of our student organization. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email on

The particular form of support will be arranged individually.

About ESN VSE Prague

Since 1998 ESN VSE Prague has interconnected students who voluntarily in their free time help to improve international environment at Czech universities. We support meetings and contacts among Czech and foreign students, we help Exchange students to make their stay in the Czech Republic as easy and enjoyable as possible. We aim to professionalize our services and even overtake in their quality similar organizations at prestigious European universities. In 2002 we joined the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) which connects more than 350 000 students from all over the Europe.

ESN VSE Prague:

  • takes care of incoming exchange students and helps them with orientation in the new environment;
  • organizes mentor system (e.g. Czech students who take care of the Exchange students);
  • provides various social activities for Czech and Exchange students;
  • manages common administration (marketing, fundraising, HR, accounting, PR);
  • cooperates with foreign sections of Erasmus Student Network (ESN);
  • has direct access to more than 14 000 students in Prague;
  • is in touch with more than 1 000 foreign students every year;
  • manages its own team – students with extensive language skills, experience with studying abroad and working in international teams, who could be your potential future employees.

Aims of ESN VSE Prague

  • to help foreign students in a new environment;
  • to support foreign students getting to know the Czech Republic and its culture;
  • to create an opportunity for Czech and foreign students to build international friendships;
  • to give Czech students possibility to experience international atmosphere while they are still in Prague and support their knowledge of foreign languages
  • through our international projects (International Week Prague) we try to show international students czech business companies.

If you would like to get more information about us, you can have a look to the section Who are we.

What do we offer to our partner

Why become a sponsor of ESN VSE Prague? Apart from the fact that you would support the right thing (see our aims), cooperation with us can have also interesting benefits for you:

  • Access to international and Czech students that we take care of, as well as to members of our organization.
  • Presentation of your company everywhere where ESN VSE Prague is present:
    • in the corridors of the Prague University of Economics and Business;
    • in the ESN VSE Prague office;
    • on the web pages of ESN VSE Prague;
    • on the ESN cards, that are given to the foreign students at the beginning of the semester;
    • on printed materials (leaflets, posters promoting our events);
    • during our out-of-school activities.
  • Opportunity to present your products or services:
    • at the information meetings organized by ESN VSE Prague for the students;
    • at the Nation 2 Nation parties;
    • during presentations of universities.

ESN VSE Prague expects from its partner

Financial or material support, for example in of the following forms:

  • Nation 2 Nation parties
    • We organize one of the biggest student parties in Prague. Do you offer services that could be presented during a party – e.g. hairdresser show, henna painting, dancing school or something similar? If you perform at our party, it will be a great opportunity for you to preset yourself in front of lots of students and young people!
  • Individual projects
    • ESN VSE Prague organizes various projetcts whose aim is to support students’ mobility. For example International Week Prague – a week when approximately 20 students from Asia and Europe come to our university and we show them czech culture and traditional czech cities. Another project is Soccer Day – a one-day-long football tournament organized every year on the 8th of May with a specil host OPU (Organization for ait to refugees).
  • Day-to-day operation
    • Throughout the whole academic year ESN VSE Prague conducts various events for both Czech and international students and with these activities are connected quite a lot of costs. You can support our day-to-day operation both financially and materially (depending on our actual needs and your possibilities).