Many of you have already heard about the project Humans of… 🤔 It consists of stories from different people. Stories which are specific. They are unique, interesting and full of surprises. And so are unique, interesting and full of surprises our exchange students who came to study at University of Economics, Prague. I also know who they are and how awesome they can be. Every term I meet up with news exchange students. And every term I am a bit sad when my new friends leave. So I agreed with my friend Lucie that it is a damage. It would be nice if other students from VSE know what kind of exchange students study at VSE. And so teh project Erasmus at VSE has started! 💙


What is it about? We show you stories from exchange students! Who are they, where they come from, what they experieced in their lives, what they came through, what they visit and many surprises. It is based on the known project Humans of… but there is one difference. It brings former exchange students closer to new exchange students who is arriving to Prague to start their new term there. New student may then know what to expect from exchange in Prague, what they can experience here etc. 💪

Who stands behind Erasmus at VSE? Who is the writer/corrector and who is the amazing photographer? The whole project started with me and my friend Lucka but there are other people who brings it to the next level. It is Ludmila – the PR leader of Buddy system and her closer friend Lea. Lea is a graphic heart of Buddy system and Ludmila is professional photographer. They are both amazing – check it on Instagram or on Facebook

Kate (member of PR team)


There is a story of my friend Argo who came to Prague last term. He is amazing!

“If you are an Estonian male citizen, you have an obligation to serve in an army. You have to serve there for 8 to 11 months. I have already been in the army before I started to study at Tallinn university of technology. It is actually very interesting experience and I do not regret it at all. I have been put in various hard situations. I have lived in the forest for weeks. For exampIe I had a very intense camp where I had to have night watch. I was walking around a campus and during the walk I started to dreaming, basically I was sleeping while I was walking. The training was so exhausting, and I became so tired that my body just switched off. The army is very different from your normal life. You are living in one room with 11 other guys who you do not know at all when you meet them at first. But you will get to know them really fast. I found some of my best friends here. I am still in contact with them. They are such unique friends because when you are in these tough situations, you got strong friendships. And I tell you one thing you would not guess. The food in the estonian army is really good. The food is actually fantastic!”

Argo Metsaru (Tallinn university of technology, Estonia)