Trips and events

ESN VSE Prague organizes trips around the Czech Republic as well as abroad. We also make sure that foreign students have enough activities, so there is the opportunity to participate in sports activities or social events, exchange students are involved in the local community and help Czech students, socialy or physically disabled on ther own initiative and without any reward.

N2N Party

The name „Nation 2 Nation Party“ expresses the main idea of these parties – Bringing the students together. It is not a classical disco or party. The difference are the presentations of exchange students in form of tastings typical dishes or drinks. Different country is present each week so most nations whose students came to study for a semester to Prague took their turn.

Events Calendar

Do you want to know all the events that take place during your stay in Prague? Check our calendar, there is always something for everybody. ESN VSE Prague organise trips all around the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. If you think socially, join the project SocialErasmus. Do you like partying? Point every tuesday in your diary cause it is Nation 2 Nation time!

Ice Breaking Weekend

We take 110 of the newly arriving international students and go to a small town called Svor. But don’t worry, even though it’s the end of the world, it will be anything but boring! We have an accommodation complex just for ourselves (bar included!) and we will make the most of it! Team building games, themed parties and much more! Hurry up registering before it’s too late!!