The name „Nation 2 Nation Party“ expresses the main idea of these parties – Bringing the students together. It is not a classical disco or party.The difference are the presentations of exchange students in form of tastings typical dishes or drinks (known as welcome drink). Different country is present each week so most nations whose students came to study for a semester to Prague took their turn.

The official history of Nation 2 Nation parties became in April 2005 but the roots of these parties are even Langer. Nation 2 Nation started to become a well-known party by the time and now it is between the biggest regular student parties in Prague. It takes place in these Prague clubs – Duplex, Roxy, Retro, Nová Chmelnice, Hany Bany, Radost FX, Nebe, Karlovy Lázně, Top Gear, Cross Club, Chapeau Rouge

There are also regularly organized special parties on Nation 2 Nation as Halloween Party, St. Nicholas Party, St. Patrick, Easter Party, etc. There is Award Ceremony at the end of the semester where is elected for example: Miss Exchange, Casanova, Best Dancer or Best Joker.

Nation 2 Nation parties bring always something new – in the past there were stylists and hairdressers from famous Prague salons – that cut and do hair directly at the party. For future semesters are prepared other interesting performances or activities so there is certainly much to look for!

Nation 2 Nation parties are unique actions that offer opportunity not just party all the night but also get to know other foreign cultures, their drinks, food and humour. It is a great chance to meet new people, especially other foreign students and Czech students, who both visit Nation 2 Nation parties regularly.

When: TUESDAYS during regular semester of VŠE (University of Economics Prague)
What time: Party starts at 22:00
Where: Duplex, Roxy, Retro, Nová Chmelnice, Hany Bany, Radost FX, Nebe, Karlovy Lázně, Cross Club, Chapeau Rouge

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