Q: What if I did not get any email from Buddy System a month before a semester starts?

Contact us at bp_team@esnvseprague.cz and, no matter what the problem is, we will work it out promptly!

Q: WHO are local buddies?

Young students of the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) who love to meet new people a talk with them in some foreign language, who are willing to help with any situation when you need their help…

Q: Why do they volunteer?

Because it is their hobby and they just like to have new friends, they are open minded nice people who want you to get to know the real Czech Republic :-). They also gain 10 points for the selection procedure for studying abroad for this help. So do not hesitate to use them as much as you can. In case you think your Buddy did not help as much as he or she should, please let know your Buddy System coordinator or contact us at bp@buddysystem.cz!

Q: What they can help you with?
Q: What do they expect from the experience?
Q: What if my Buddy does not show up at the airport/bus/train station?

It happens very rarely but it is good to be prepared for the worst: have your dorm address with you and take a taxi. Contact Buddy System organization or your Buddy System coordinator immediately and we will help you out!

Q: What if my Buddy does not take me to the school on the first day or refuses to help if I ask him for other assistance (first grocery shopping etc)?

Talk with your Buddy first: tell him/her that you are not satisfied. If the situation does not improve, contact the Buddy System organization/Buddy System coordinator and we will try to make necessary arrangements (e.g. talk to your “disobedient” Buddy or arrange a new Buddy for you).

Q: What if I do not get along with my buddy?

It happens that some people just do not connect. However, in life, you will often need to get on with people you do not like, for example at work. So try to see the things you appreciate about your Buddy and build up on them. It might actually just be cultural differences which you will overcome after a while!